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Enigin WA: Case Study – Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Car Park


WALGA preferred supplier Enigin WA recently completed an EPCM energy efficient lighting retrofit project for City of Perth Parking at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre undercover car park.

The clients brief was to achieve a 60% reduction in power consumption while maintaining an average 60 lux average maintained luminance. The lights were required to have a minimum rated lamp life of 80,000 hours which would significantly reduce maintenance costs.

The project scope included the lighting design and installation and commission of 537 induction lights in the underground car park with the inclusion of a further 39 induction lights and sensors retrofitted to the existing external car park light poles.

Each new induction light is linked to strategically placed motion sensors which activate the light from its 50% dimmed state to 100% brightness which significantly reduces wasted energy when no movement is detected. Dimming the lights when full brightness is not required saves energy and reduces operational costs. The external lights are timer controlled which shuts them off during daylight hours.

The project has increased light (lux) levels to comply with Australian Standards, improving amenity while reducing energy costs and CO2e emissions by over 60%. The financial savings to the city will continue to grow as the operating life of the induction lights is eight times longer than the legacy lights they replaced.


For further information on induction lighting technology and energy efficient technologies call Managing Director, Dominic Da Cruz on 08 6143 8664 or visit Enigin WA website



“Enigin WA become only the third WA solar retailer to be a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer”

August 2014

By choosing Enigin WA that has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct, you are buying from a company that provides a minimum five-year whole of system and installation warranty and has committed to a high level of customer service.

Look for the Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer logo and visit: for more information.

 Issue No. 21.13

03 June 2013

WALGA is pleased to congratulate Dominic DaCruz and the team at Enigin, whose consultancy work has resulted in over $10 million worth of clean tech projects for local WA communities under the recently announced second round CEEP grant approvals.  Enigin achieved an amazing 100% success rate in CEEP for its nine Local Government and three not-for-profit clients. Projects won include geothermal heating and cooling; tri-generation; co-generation; LED street lighting; Leisure Centre and Tennis Court Induction lighting; Real-time energy monitoring; HVAC energy efficiency upgrades and indoor LEDs. WALGA will continue to work with Enigin as a valued Preferred Supplier as it continues to grow and develop its Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Contract. 

For further information regarding the Enigin projects please contact Managing Director, Dominic DaCruz, on 6143 8664 or email

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